Vision, Mission and Objectives




Quality education for nation building through social transformation.



Ø  Bringing about a positive change in school education.

Ø  Giving primary importance to Information Communication Technology and innovative Teaching Methodologies.

Ø  Professional enhancement of Teacher Educators through research activities.

Ø  Promoting research in the field of education.

Ø  Uplift of the rural people through literacy drive and encouraging first generation learners.

Ø  Imparting awareness about preservation and conservation of environment.



Ø  To ensure quality in teacher education programme

Ø  To develop leadership qualities among the prospective teachers.

Ø   To remove the illiteracy and encourage social change.

Ø   To develop skills in communication.

Ø  To build up confidence in undertaking curricular and co-curricular ventures.

Ø  To promote secularism, patriotism and co-existence.

Ø  To provide training in Information and Communication Technology.

Ø  To develop interest in research and extension activities.