Internal Quality Assurance Cell (IQAC) is a part of an institution’s system and work towards realizing the goals of quality enhancement and sustenance.  We establish an IQAC on 7.12.2009 which serve a meaningful contribution of institutions. IQAC will channelize the efforts and measures of an institution towards academic excellence. The composition of IQAC in M.E.T. College of Education is as follows.

  1. Chair person                                     – Dr. R. Sreeletha
  2. IQAC coordinator                              – Dr. Rani K.V.
  3. Assistant Professor                          – Mr. N. Muthu
  4. Assistant Professor                          – Ms. A. Kavitha
  5. Assistant Professor                          – Ms. G. Jerlin Deletta
  6. Assistant Professor                          – Mr. J Arul Suresh
  7. Assistant Professor                          – Ms. P. Shirlin
  8. Assistant Professor                          – Mr. P.  Nagarajan
  9. Assistant Professor                          – Ms. V  Indira
  10. Technical staff                                  -Ms Divya
  11. Student                                               -Ms. Subha Ranghaswami (Eng)
  12. Student                                               -Ms. Sumasree (Eng)
  13. Student                                               -Ms Fathima Dilsana (PS)
No. of Management representatives-2
  1. Chairman                                              – Er. P. Mohammed Eakieem
  2. Managing trustee                                  – Ms  Lyla Beevi M
  3. Academic Director                                -Dr. G Saratchandra Raj
              No. of Alumni            -3                     
  1. Alumni                                                   -G. Nithya (2014, BS)
  2. Alumni                                                   – Shelsia(2014, Maths)
  3. Alumni                                                   – Roobambika(2014,
  No. of Senior Administrator     -1
  1. Librarian                                             – Mr.N. Aravind Kumaar
No. of any other stakeholder and community representatives -1      
  1. Community representative                   – Janab M Ahmad Khan
No. of Employers/ Industrialists -1                                          
  1. Employers/Industrialist                           -M.C. Balan
No. of other External Experts -2
  1. Mr.J. Dinakarlal (Rtd. Prof and Head, Dept. of English, Scott christian college,Ngl)
  2. Dr. R. Mukundan (Former Principal, N.V.K.S.D. College of Education, Attoor)

Total No. of members                      24