Curricular Activities


Interactive teaching learning processes were essential for the students for development through group discussions, debates, brainstorming sessions, research colloquiums etc. NET, TET and TNPSC coaching classes were arranging for the alumni as well as the current students. Various transaction modes such as lectures, Lecture Demonstrations, Group Discussions, Assignments, Seminars, Projects, Brainstorming Sessions PowerPoint Presentations are using in the college. Also seminars, symposium, debates, port folios were giving to the students. Also the college conducts entry behaviour test, class tests, terminal examination, open book examination, re test for the absentees, mock viva, oral tests and practical tests and the high light of the college is the evaluation procedures such as triple evaluation and cross colleague evaluation. The college will strict in sending the progress details to their parents.

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Field Trips

Field trips were arranging for the students to places of historical and scientific interest in order to keep in touch with the advancement and thereby get a firsthand experience to the students under the guide lines of staffs. Different places are selecting for the students with different optional subjects.

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As a part of the B.Ed. curriculum we offers, internship training. For that purpose around 50 schools from both Kanyakumari and Tirunelveli Districts are co operating with us for our student teachers. The internship will lasts for about one month observation and 16 weeks of  teaching practice as suggested by new frame work of curriculum by Tamilnadu Teachers Education University.  The student teachers were observed and supervised by both the college faculty, PG students in Education of our college and by the Mentor teachers of the schools concerned.


Citizenship Training Camp.

Social life of a child is starting by identifying the voice of mother. Like that we are giving training to the students in order to get the pulse of the society in all sense by giving 5 days training camp in the college premises. Programmes on first aid, Stress management and personality development, socially useful productive work were organized in the camp. This may certainly improve their academic performance, social responsibility and professional competency of student teachers. Various lectures and activities were organized in the camp. The results from the camp are students perfect for a sovereign, socialist, secular, democratic, republic country. They may possess with skills and attributes for a successful living.

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We organized a series of seminars and workshops on various subjects. Immediately after the college started functioning, a bridge course in English was arranged with the purpose of improving the communication skill of our students.

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